US-China Seminar on Bioenergy...

On Oct. 24, 2009, the US-China Seminar on Bioenergy & Biotechnology, co-sponsored by College of Engineering of PKU, Institute of Clean Energy at PKU, Texa A&M U. and Huazhong U. of Sci. and Tech., was held at Zhongguanxin Garden of PKU. Guests from the US included Dr. Lee R. Lynd (distinguished prof. of Dartmouth College US, also the president and chief scientist of Mascomas company), Prof. Michael F. Thomashow (Academician of NAS, head of the Co-Lab of Botany of DOE and U. Mich, former president of American Society of Plant Biology), Dr. Nikos Kyrpides (Senior Fellow at Lawrence Berkerly National Lab.of US DOE, Head of biological genomics research lab. of US DOE Joint Genome Institute), Dr. Ronghua Yuan (Assitant Prof. of TAMU), Dr. Michael WW Adams (Distinguished Prof. at U. of Georgia, US), Prof. Shulin Chen ( Washington State U.), etc. The Chinese guests included Dr. Hongzhang Chen (Prof. of CAS, Chief Scientist of 973 program), Dr. Liangcai Peng (The Yangtze River Scholar Professor recipient at Huazhong Agri. U China), Prof. Jiaxun Feng (Dean of School of Life Sciences at Guangxi U. China), Prof. Yinbo Qu (Dean of School of Life Sciences at Shandong U. China), Prof. Jianzhong Sun (Head of Bioenergy Center at Jiangsu U. China), and Prof. Yueqin Tang (Dept. of Energy Resources Engineering, PKU China).


                                                             Opening Speech by Prof. Shiyi Chen (Dean of COE, PKU)

    The conference was co-chaired by Vice Dean of College of Engineering (PKU), Prof. Xiaolei Wu, and Asst. Prof. of TAMU, Dr. Ronghua Yuan. Dean of College of Engineering, Prof. Shiyi Chen gave the opening speech.


                                                                              Prof. Wu making his speech


                                                                                Dr. Yuan making his speech


                                                                     All the attendees at the closing of the seminar