Establishment of our center (NCCRW)

 Approved by the State Forestry Administration, the establishment ceremony of National Center for Conservation & Restoration of Wetlands (NCCRW), was held at the Tan Siu Lin International Conference Center of Peking University, on Nov.4, 2010. Distinguished guests who attended the ceremony included the Party member and vice secretary of State Forestry Administration, Mr. Shuxian Chen, director of the PRC Office of International Convention on Wetlands, Mr. Guangren Ma, chairman of the 1st counsil of NCCRW, also the executive vice president of PKU, Prof. Jianhua Lin, and the dean of Graduate School of PKU and College of Engineering, Prof. Shiyi Chen, etc.


                                                      Members of the 1st counsil of NCCRW before the ceremony hall


                                              Unveiling ceremony of NCCRW hosted by Secretary Chen and President Lin

       At the meeting of the 1st counsil of NCCRW before its opening ceremony, Prof. Jianhua Lin was elected as the chairman of the counsil, and Prof. Shiyi Chen was elected as the vice chairman of the counsil. Other members of the counsil were Prof. Chaodong Wu, Prof. Xiaolei Wu, and Prof. Duoxiang Wang. Prof. Xiaolei Wu was also the director of the center.