ParisTech China 9+9 Program Scholarship taking app
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Please note that the scholarship for the 9+9 master program at ParisTech for the academic year 2012-2013 starts to take applications now.

I. Way to apply

A. From Peking University
Apply online at, scan the following documents and upload them to the application system.

  • One passport size photo (up to 2MB)
  • One reference letter in Chinese with the referee’s signature
  • Manuscript in Chinese, printed online and stamped by the College of Engineering Office of Teaching Affairs

Deadline: 8:00am Monday, September 26

B. From ParisTech official website
    Deadline: October 1

II. Application schedule


  • Written test will take place on Oct. 15, 2011 at the same time in Shanghai, Beijing and Nanjing.
  • Oral test in Beijing will take place from Oct. 29 to Nov.5, 2011.
  • The result will come out in mid-December, 2011.

III. Notes

Applicants need to go through the application process on both the official website and Peking University website. Those who don’t provide valid documents to the Peking University application system will not be listed.

Application should be filed only after careful consideration.

For more information please see  ParisTech 9+9 programme - Academic Year 2012-2013.pdf or visit