Professor Xingjun Liu Talks About Compound power materials
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Professor Xingjun Liu from Xiameng University presented his report, “Forming Mechanism of Auto-Assembly Compound Powder Materials and Simulation Coupled with Multi-Field,” to the College of Engineering on Feb. 21 at the invitation of Professor Huai Yang, director of the Department of Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology.

     Among the attendees were Professor Shuxiang Dong, Professor Yanglong Hou, Professor Yufeng Zheng, Professor Dingguo Xia, Associate Professor Yanfeng Zhang and other teachers and students from COE.


  • Professor Xingjun Liu from Xiameng University

    College of Engineering professors and students listen to the presentation by Professor Liu

         In the presentation, Liu focused on the auto-assembly ability of compound powder materials, demonstrating the layer structure of egg-shape compound powder materials and the production application of this material. He also pointed out the marvelous similarity between the earth and the egg-shape compound powder materials, which makes it possible to simulate the formation of the earth. He went on to explain its layered structure and element distribution with knowledge on the seven main elements of the earth.